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Kodatha is a trickster god worshipped during the Thurian Age. He often takes the appearance of a large ape.

Marvel Comics[]

Kodatha appeared in the original Kull story "Night of the Monkey" (Savage Sword of Conan #120; January, 1986), written by Charles Dixon and penciled by Geof Isherwood. He was later referenced in "Fools' Night" (Savage Sword of Conan #135; April, 1987).

Kodatha, the Monkey God, was a god of death on Atlantis. On Valusia, he was honored by a five-nights festival. During such an event, Kull tracked down murderous cultists of Kodatha, who summoned him. Aided by Alecto of the Red Slayers, Kull slew the god and brought his head back to the court, interrupting the revelers.[1] Later, cultists tried to avenge their god, but on their way to Kull's bedroom, they stumbled unto another group intending avenger their master by slaying Kull, and both groups destroyed each other.[2]

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