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Kelkor is the commander of the Red Slayers under King Kull. He was from Lemuria, but despite the general hostility between the Lemurians and Kull's native Atlantean people, Kull both admires and respects Kelkor for his qualities of leadership, along with his self-control. Kull would have made him Lord Commander of the entire Valusian military, but it was against Valusian law for those of foreign birth to attain such a high position. Not that Kull had much regard for Valusian law to begin with, but he knew how many Valusians resented having a barbarian usurper on the throne, and he may have felt that promoting another barbarian would have even worse consequences. Kelkor was a mercenary in the Valusian ranks before becoming commander.[1]

Kelkor was hated by Gromel, commander of the Black Legion, mostly because he wanted Kelkor's position as commander of the Slayers for himself.[2]

His name has also been given as Kelka.[2][3]


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