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Karela the Red Hawk is a beautiful but tempestuous brigand queen, lover and enemy of Conan. Karela is a bandit queen plying the trade routes around Shadizar for Turanian caravans when Conan encounters her in Conan the Invincible.

Karela is a red-haired, beautiful, 'callimastian' (beautifully-breasted) and 'callipygian' (pleasantly rumped) woman a few years older than Conan when she first meets him. She is vaguely honourable, vengeful, passionate and a little treacherous, seeing her survival and success only in what she can take and win from others. Notably, she does not appear to slay needlessly, releasing captives from raided caravans near towns on the frontier. Karela is wily as well, evading and eluding Turanian patrols sent to find her and her men for some time around the border. Foresworn twice before her goddess, Derketo, Karela falls hopelessly, helplessly in love with the big Cimmerian, eventually forcing herself to stay away from him so that she can keep her own mind and her intentions clear, rather than suborning them to Conan's will, under which she dare not let herself fall.

Karela was created by Robert Jordan,