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Ka-nu was the Pictish ambassador to Valusia during the reign of King Kull and chief of the Pictish Council. It was Ka-nu who originally discovered through his network of spies the existence of the Serpent-Men conspiracy against Kull and arranged for Brule the Spear-slayer to help Kull destroy them.[1]

Ka-nu is described as an older man with a white beard and a cheerful sense of humor. Unusual for a Pict, his time spent in the civilized nations gave him the mindset of a political statesman rather than a barbarous warrior, and he found more pleasure in wine and women than in battle. Although he cared little for Valusia he nonetheless valued the alliance with the Pictish nation, for he was pragmatic enough to know that as long as Valusia remained strong, the Picts would likewise.[1]

Like Tu and Brule, Ka-nu acted as an advisor to Kull. Tu resented having to share this position with others, especially Ka-nu who was particularly cunning in the art of statecraft.[2]

In some stories his name is given as Kananu.[3][4]


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