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Jhebbal Sag is a god worshiped during the Hyborian Age.

  • Status: Demon God 
  • Spheres of Influence: Mastery of Wild Beasts, Savagery
  • Symbol: Mystic Rune 

Jhebbal Sag is the leader of the animal gods (including Gullah the black gorilla-god and Jhil, the nighted god of ravens) and all the other animal totems serve him. He is worshipped in the Black Kingdoms, as well as among the tribes of the Pictish Wilderness.

Jhebbal Sag can manifest as one or several natural animals. He might also send one of the lesser animal gods (Jullah, Jhil, etc.) or their servitor creatures. It's said that Jhebbal Sag only comes out at night; there are tales from men and women who have seen his eyes burning like yellow coals in the darkness.

In the Conan the Adventurer cartoon, a character named Zula worshipped Jhebbal Sag and could invoke his symbol in order to call upon the aid of animals. Jhebbal Sag even appeared in the series at some point, with the form of a chimera when summoned.


"Beyond the Black River"