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Hordo is a recurring fictional character in the Conan universe. He appears in the Robert Jordan novels Conan the Invincible, Conan the Defender, and Conan the Victorious.

Hordo is more muscular and larger framed than Conan, and much older. He sports a full beard, wears an eye patch and has a permanent sneer due to a scar that runs from underneath his eye patch to his upper lip. Hordo's skills in battle are nearly equal with Conan. Hordo is regularly associated with Karela the Red Hawk, another recurring character in several Robert Jordan novels. One of Hordo's greatest traits is his faithfulness, as he follows Karela throughout the novels. She even refers to him as "the most faithful of my hounds".

It is revealed in Conan the Defender, that he is Zamoran. At one point in this novel, Conan refers to him as "Hordo of Zamora".  This explains his original appearance in the book Conan the Invincible, as the story takes place in (and just outside of) Shadizar

Some of Hordo's signature quotes are "I am too old for this", and "Take a pull from the Hellhorn, lest you get there before me."