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The Imperial Horde are an army of white-armoured, silent warriors who serve Genjis, an identity assumed by Conan's former friend and ally Kobe. They came from many clans and nobles, such as Lord Kao, who had bought into the Yagyu Clan, chief clan of the Horde whose head Kobe had become after the death of his father Heku.

The Horde fought for control of entire Khitai, challenged only by a few wild tribes and rebel lords such as Lord Tsinje-Nushan, on whose side Prince Conn and his friend and comrade Chensu had fought briefly.


As Kobe's son, Syan-lin, had been given to Conan as a slave, and grown up to become a member of the Black Dragoons with no knowledge of his origin, Lord Tsinje speculated that if he could get a hold on Prince Conn, he could also hold control over Khitan and Aquilonia (while only Syan-lins very life still prevented a world wide war between Conan, along with his allied Hyborian kingdoms, and Genjis Imperial Horde of Khitai). When Conan himself came to Khitai, accompanied by Kobe, he found Conn has become a grown man and joined the rebellion against the Horde, taking his fathers place as the Tiger-Lord Khirakai. He allowed Conn to make his own decisions, but left his journal to him while assuring to Kobe he will honor their pact. Conn is hunted by Lord Tsinje and sheltered by Solaise, a daughter of the Elder Gods who brings him to the magical realm of Li-chaandra, where he's confronted by Lord Tsinje who doesn't kill him. Seemingly having passed a test Conn receives by Solaise the Sword of the Elder Gods and steps outside finding himself in a Tarantia which is set in flames.


The Stories of Prince Conn in Khitai were developed by By Alan Zelenetz & Marc Silvestri (CONAN THE KING #24-25) and later A.S. Blaustein & Dale Eaglesham (CONAN THE KING #51-55)