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The Heart of the Elephant (or Elephant's Heart) was a priceless magical jewel owned by Yara, a Zamoran sorcerer, and safeguarded in the Tower of the Elephant. The heart resembled a large crystal sphere of clear crimson, and was an object of desire by all thieves within "The Maul". Few had the courage or cleverness to steal it, until Conan and the master thief Taurus made the attempt together.[1]

The heart was said to be the secret of Yara's magic and his long life. According to one tale, he used the great jewel to transform a visiting prince into a black spider and crushed him beneath his foot. However, this gem was also the object of Yara's demise.[1]

When Conan broke into the tower he encountered Yag-Kosha, an elephant-headed cosmic being who Yara kept as a tortured prisoner. This being told his sad tale to Conan and asked the Cimmerian for his assistance, for Yag-Kosha sought vengeance against the sorcerer. Following his instructions, Conan mercifully killed Yag-Kosha and used his blood to empower the magical jewel, then presented it to Yara. Yara became trapped inside the jewel, where he was destroyed by the renewed spirit of Yag-Kosha.[1]


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