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Guron (or Thuron) was the high priest of a malevolent deity known as the Black Shadow in the Thurian Age, during the time of Kull. He was the ruler of an unnamed Valusian city located in the mountains (probably the Zalgara Mountains though this isn't stated), and used armed priests to enforce his will. The city also had a temple devoted to the Great Scorpion, which Guron allowed to exist. However, he mocked and disparaged the Great Scorpion as a mostly forgotten deity, remembered only by women and children.[1]

Guron attempted to capture a young man and his beloved as sacrifices for the Black Shadow. The unnamed youth was a descendant of the warrior Gonra, who died while defending the Temple of the Great was from Atlantean invaders. The youth called out to the Great Scorpion for protection against Guron, imploring the god to remember the loyalty shown by his ancestor Gonra. It was then Guron was killed by the venomous sting of a scorpion that appeared seemingly out of nowhere, as if sent by the Great Scorpion himself. The city was soon afterward delivered from the hands of Guron's priests by King Kull.[1]

Guron is described as tall and gaunt like a cadaverous giant, with evil eyes that burned like pools of fire. His only garment was a silken loincloth, and he wielded a curved dagger and a whip. He was incredibly strong and walked with a swaying stride, which resembled the sinuous glide of a serpent.[1]

Guron was the name originally intended for the character by Robert E. Howard [1] but was changed by later editors to Thuron.[2]

Dale Rippke asserted in his essay "The Mystery of Pre-Human Stygia" that Thuron was a member of the Elder Race based on the character's description, though this is unconfirmed in the original Kull stories.[3]


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