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Gunderland is a country of the Hyborian Age. It's a province of Aquilonia.


Lightly wooded Gunderland lies on the northern border of Aquilonia proper, close to the Bossonian Marches. Hill country marks the border between Gunderland and Tauran, while a ridge of higher mountains separates it from Nemedia and the Border Kingdom. Gunderland has long stood as an ancient barrier between the Barbarians of the North and civilized Aquilonia.

History and politics[]

Gunderland was once a separate kingdom, but was brought into the larger kingdom, less by conquest than agreement. Their ways are ruder and more primitive than in Aquilonia. Their main concession is the adoption of the god Mitra in place of the primitive Bori of the Hyborians.

When Aquilonia fell to the Picts, Gunderland was never conquered and maintained its independence. However, Gunderland was almost destroyed by the Cimmerians who were driven away by the Nordic onrush with the glacier age, and they reached Pictish-occupied Aquilonia.[1][2]

Population and culture[]

Only in Gunderland is the pure Hyborian stock found unblemished. Thus Gundermen are uniformly compactly-built, tall, tawny-haired and gray-eyed. They are inclined to wander far. Gunderland mercenaries can be found in all the western armies.

No infantry is a match for the wild and ruthless Gundermen, born and bred to battle, with a tradition that makes their morale unshakable. They have keen pikemen. They use spears and shields and wear steel caps, corselets of chain mail, and polished leg-pieces. These sturdy fighters are very popular as guardsmen among the land-owners of the frontier.

People keep no slaves in Gunderland.

Stories set in Gunderland[]

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Characters from Gunderland[]

Nestor — a mercenary


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