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Grondar is a Thurian nation located east of Zarfhaana.[1]


Grondar is ruled by an unnamed king advised by a council. Volmana, the Valusian count of Karaban, has at least one kinsman on the council (how many is uncertain).[2]


Grondar is the easternmost of the Thurian kingdoms. The western borders are formed by an unnamed mountain range, which separates it from Zarfhaana. A pass through the mountains lead out near the Zarfhaanan city of Talunia, about a day's ride from the mountains. The eastern border of Grondar is formed by the great River Stagus, beyond which lies the mysterious realm of no return known as World's End.[1]

Flora and Fauna[]

The interior of Grondar consists of an endless expanse of plains, grasslands, and savanna, with roaming herds of buffalo and deer.[1]


No one dares ride into Grondar any further than necessary or unless they were on official business, for the Grondarians are wild and aggressive, and only half-civilized. It was said that men who rode in Grondar carried their lives in their right hands. The Grondarians, however, are not quite as barbaric as the various island peoples. They are born and bred in the saddle, and sometimes form mounted raiding parties to attack the borders of Thurania or other lesser nations. For this reason, the borders of those kingdoms are closely guarded against Grondarian marauders.[1]


Throughout the Grondarian countryside, there exists ruins of ancient cities from the distant past when the ancestors of the Grondarians first arrived and conquered the original inhabitants of this region. The conquered peoples probably included populations of the Elder Race (among others), since they had ruled the world until the rise of the Thurians.[1]

During the tyrannical reign of the Valusian king Borna, Grondar took advantage of Valusia's weakened state by preparing to launch a devastating raid against the kingdom. When Kull usurped the throne of Valusia, he crushed the power of Grondar and prevented the raid from taking place, though how he did this is not chronicled.[3]


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