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This article is about the Kull character. For the Conan character, see Gromel.

Gromel was the commander of the Black Legion of Valusia during the reign of Kull. Described as a strong, somber giant of a man, Gromel was involved in a failed conspiracy led by Ascalante to overthrow Kull. His fellow conspirators also included Kaanuub, Volmana, and Ridondo. Gromel was killed when he and the others attacked Kull in the king's bedchamber.[1]

Gromel hated Kelkor and was envious of his position as commander of the Red Slayers. More than that, with the overthrow of Kull and the start of a new regime, Gromel had hoped to be put in charge of the entire Valusian military. He was regarded by Ascalante as strong and brave as a lion, with considerable influence among the soldiers, but otherwise brainless.[1]

Gromel was the name originally intended for the character by Robert E. Howard [1] but was changed by later editors to Enaros (not to be confused with the Conan character Enaro).[2]


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