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Grey Apes are huge, carnivorous ape-like beasts with shaggy silver-grey hair. They have large fangs to tear off human flesh, tremendous strength, and are capable of rending their prey limb from limb. Grey Apes are unusual in that they are completely voiceless.[1][2]

Grey Apes inhabit the forested mountains along the eastern shores of the Vilayet Sea, and can climb either trees or cliffs with ease. One of these apes lived on the Isle of Iron Statues in the Vilayet before it was killed by Conan, though how such a beast arrived the island is uncertain. These creatures prefer to lurk in the deepest woods they can find where it is dark or silent, and seldom come out into the open.[1]

King Tarascus of Nemedia kept a grey ape as a pet, inside a cage in his dungeons. When King Conan was taken prisoner by Xaltotun and held in the dungeons, Tarascus released the ape in order to kill Conan against Xaltotun's wishes. This creature was killed by Conan with a dagger given to him by Zenobia.[2]

Grey Apes can also apparently be found in Khitai, based on what Yag-Kosha said to Conan, as in the lost jungles of Khitai: "The grey apes danced to the pipes of the yellow priests."[3]


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