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The Great Scorpion was a deity of the Thurian Age. As his name implies, he was the god of scorpions and was also known as the God of the Crawling Darkness. There was a temple to the Great Scorpion in Valusia, located at an unnamed city in the mountains (probably the Zalgara Mountains, though this is never stated). This temple had walls and floor of polished marble and a ceiling of lapis lazuli. There was a golden altar upon which rested a huge crystal statue of a scorpion of exquisite craftsmanship. By the time of Kull, the Great Scorpion was a largely forgotten deity with no priests and few worshipers. His temple was allowed to exist out of respect for his former greatness.[1]

In the days of this deity's former glory, a warrior named Gonra died defending the Temple of the Great Scorpion from Atlantean invaders. As a reward for his valor and self-sacrifice, the priests of the Great Scorpion promised their god would come to the aid of Gonra's descendants whenever he was called upon.[1]

Guron, high priest of the Black Shadow during the reign of Kull, mocked the Great Scorpion as a god who was remembered only by women and children. When he tried to capture a young man and his beloved in order to sacrifice them to the Black Shadow, the youth (who was descended from Gonra) called out to the Scorpion God for protection. It was then Guron was killed by the venomous sting of a scorpion that appeared seemingly out of nowhere, as if sent by the Great Scorpion himself. The city was soon afterward delivered from the hands of Guron's priests by King Kull.[1]


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