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Goron bora Ballin was a Valusian count and the head of the bora Ballin noble family. His daughter Delcartes (not to be confused with Delcardes) wanted to marry her lover, the Farsunian adventurer Dalgar. Goron would not allow it despite the fact that Dalgar had become a Valusian citizen and was regarded favorably at court. Delcartes pleaded with King Kull to force her father to grant permission, but Kull refused to get involved since he and Goron were close friends. Dalgar proved his worth by risking his life to protect both Delcartes and Kull from Verulian conspirators who plotted against the king. Goron then gave Dalgar his blessing to marry his daughter.[1]

Even before Kull became king of Valusia, Count Goron was among his strongest supporters. Goron befriended Kull when he was a friendless gladiator, he lent Kull money when he was a common soldier, and supported his cause when Kull took the throne. It was Goron who warned Kull about the Verulian conspiracy against him, based on information given to him by the Pictish ambassador Ka-nu.[1]

Goron was the name originally intended for the character by Robert E. Howard [1] but was changed by later editors to Murom.[2]


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