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Gault was an expert scout thandario, bowman and a good fighter. He appears in one of the original stories by American writer Robert E. Howard, Wolves Beyond the Border.

Gault was from Thandara, a free province in western Aquilonia located on the eastern bank of the Thunder River in the south of the Westermarck region beyond the Bossonian Marches. He supported Conan in his struggle for the crown of Aquilonia.

His skills (stealth, speed, bravery, cunning, intelligence, survival) allowed him to scout the lands of the Picts, without being seen, as a means to protect his people against their attack. One night, he crept nearby to Pictish village and witnessed a horrible ritual taking place, which led him to shoot shaman performing it and even though he had all the Picts behind him, he managed to escape to safety in Fort Kwanyara. He later helped finding a spy within camp, lord Valerian (who was secretly working for the Picts) ,foiled his plans, with the help of Hakon.

Gault and Hakon find the Pict camp outside Schondara, preparing for attack. The villagers have retreated to the fort and are making their own preparations. Hakon spies the bag of demons on a pole, and tells Gault to get closer and shoot the bag. Gault prepares to take the shot but the Pictish drums start beating and the attack begins. Gault looses his arrow and punctures the bag. They dive to the ground as hundreds of demons pour from the sack and attack the Picts. The massacre takes only minutes, and when the demons dissipate and the surviving Picts stumble back to the forest they find Valerian's head torn from its body, and take it to the fort to be hailed as heroes. To add even more to the victory, news comes that Numedides has been slain and Conan has been crowed king.