Felgar was a Farsunian adventurer who ran away with his lover, the Valusian countess Lala-ah, after she left her betrothed, Ka-yanna, at the altar of marriage. King Kull was content to disregard this violation of Valusian law because, as an Atlantean barbarian, he believed that men and women should be allowed to mate and marry with whom they pleased. However, the taunts and insults directed by Felgar against Kull fired the king's anger and he set out with his men in pursuit of the couple across the entire Thurian Continent. Kull had just crossed the River Stagus on the eastern border of Grondar and was about to venture into World's End on Felgar's trail, but at this point the story chronicling these events was left unfinished by the author Robert E. Howard.[1]

The original name for this character was Fenar but was changed by Howard himself to Felgar in his typescript.[2]

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  • Dalgar, another Farsunian adventurer

References[edit | edit source]

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