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The following characters have prominent or recurring roles in the Conan series.




  • Prince Conan II, called Conn, firstborn son of King Conan of Aquilonia by his wife Zenobia. (Conn is a creation of L. Sprague de Camp and Lin Carter. "Witch of the Mists", "Black Sphinx of Nebthu", "Red Moon of Zembabwei", "Shadows in the Skull", Conan of the Isles as well as the Conan the King comic-books.)
  • Conobar • Conan's son
  • Corin • Conan's father
  • Corum • Conan's paternal grandfather
  • Ctesphon. The king of Stygia is mentioned only in "The Phoenix on the Sword" This is, however, enough to deduce that he is a priest-king, like Thugra Khotan of the Stygian daughter-kingdom of Kutchemes and arguably lord of the priests of darkness and dark mages in the west.¨Note that when priestmage Orastes resurrects Xaltotun in The Hour of the Dragon with an incantation to Skelos, old when Atlantis was young, he wears an ermine-brimmed cloak, historically a traditional royal attribute. Thoth-Amon is, without his ring, rather pathetic and no doubt highly overrated. Ctesphon could be seen as the great shadow always looming in the background.


  • Drogin • Conan's maternal grandfather


  • Epimitreus • Sage that oft advises Conan in his dreams


  • Fafnir Demonhand (comics only)



  • Humber • Conan's cousin


  • Janissa the Widowmaker • swordswoman
  • Jasmine, Turanian slave from Hyperborea
  • Princess Jehnna
  • Juma



  • Locrin • Conan's cousin


  • M'Gora • Alternative spelling of N'Gora.
  • Mordec Paternal father of Conan and smith of the late hamlet of Duthil


  • N'Gora • One of Bêlit's Black Corsairs.
  • N'Yaga • A shaman, and one of Bêlit's Black Corsairs.
  • Ninga • Demon-Goddess



  • Ra Morgana • Conan's daughter
  • Radegund • Conan's eldest daughter seen in Marvel's "Conan the King" comics.
  • Red Sonja


  • Shubal • companion
  • Siobahn • Conan's sister
  • Red Sonja • a Hyrkanian warrior
  • Subotai • a thief and archer from Hyrkania; companion of Conan in Conan the Barbarian (film)



  • Valeria of the Red Brotherhood, a female pirate ( Red Nails ).
  • Vathelos the blind, author of "The book of Skelos", the "Bible" of maltheists and necromancers in Conans world. The blind seer Tiresia in greek mythology was strongly connected with Hades, the realm of the dead and hence, as described in the Odyssey, with the land of Cimmeria. Luxur, throne city of Stygia, lies roughly where a volcanic mountain called Watellen lies, in real Algeria.



  • Zabala (Conan the Adventurer (animated series))
  • Zarono, Black: from The Treasure of Tranicos
  • Zenobia, whom Conan married and made his queen after she helped him escape the dungeons of King Tarascus of Nemedia (The Hour of the Dragon).
  • Zephra (comics only)
  • Zula, The character Zula first appeared in the Marvel comic book Conan the Barbarian #84 in March 1978. The character Zula was created by Roy Thomas; John Buscema; Ernie Chan.

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