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Derketo was a god worshiped during the Hyborian Age.

Biographical Sketch[]

  • Name: Derketo
  • Aliases: Dusky Goddess, Queen of the Dead, Derketa
  • Identity: Deity
  • Gender: Female
  • Aspect: Goddess of Pleasure, and Death.
  • Appearance: Half woman in her prime / Half Decaying Body
  • Symbol: Fish
  • Powers and Abilities: Purple Poison Gas / Green Gas Healing
  • Weakness:


  • Group Membership: Hyborian Pantheon
  • Allies: Dagon (Husband)
  • Enemies:
  • Known Relatives:
  • Base of Operations: Shem, Stygia
  • Culture: Shemite

History and Cult Practices[]

The cult of Derketo is a sensual one. Priestesses in Stygia enact sexual rituals, initiating acolytes through tiers of mysteries, teaching their sensual arts. Thalis is a priestess of unknown rank, yet assumedly experienced enough in the mysteries to compare them to the "degeneracy" of the men of Xuthal. Derketa, being the Queen of the Dead, is not explicitly stated in REH's work to be the same as Derketo, however in Conan Exiles the two deities are treated as the same, merely worshiped under different names. As such, in the lands of Shem, and Stygia her sensual form is worshipped, while in Kush and the Black Kingdoms she is greatly feared.