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The Demon God of Acheron is a demon that takes the form of a huge green insectoid monster with fangs and a scorpion's tail.[1]


During the reign of Queen Xaltana of Acheron, she attempted to replace the worship of Set with the worship of the Demon God. At some point she was taken over by the demon, and her subjects eventually conspired against her. Xaltana was buried alive by her rivals, the priests of Set, in a sealed tomb inside the temple that she had built to the Demon God. This temple is located in the northern mountains of Nemedia near Aquilonia and the Border Kingdom, in the region inhabited by the Sons of Acheron.[1]

The Demon God remained dormant within Xaltana's corpse for thousands of years after her death. The demon was resurrected and set free after Conan and Prince Tarascus broke into the hidden temple in their search for the lost treasure mines of Acheron.[1]

Powers and abilities[]

The Demon God has the power to reproduce itself by drinking the heart's blood of its victims in order to be reborn from its host (inevitably killing him or her), and then to grow and begin spawning more of its own kind. After taking over the body of Lady Demetzia, the demon began consuming victims and reproducing in this fashion. Conan and his party managed to escape and caused the mountain temple to cave in on itself, imprisoning the Demon God along with its infernal spawn.[1]


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