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Lady Demetzia was the wife (or mistress) of Prince Tarascus of Nemedia. She was a beautiful woman with dark hair and a cruel and sensual personality. Demetzia accompanied Tarascus, Conan, and the royal advisor Zimonides in their search for the lost treasure mines of Acheron. When they broke into a ruined temple devoted to the Demon God of Acheron, they discovered the tomb of Xaltana the Witch Queen, in whose corpse the demon had remained dormant for thousands of years.[1]

Zimonides foolishly read aloud an incantation from a scroll found in Xaltana's sarcophagus, and the Demon God was resurrected. The demon took over the body of Demetzia, killed Zimonides and attacked Tarascus, leaving Conan with no other choice but to slay Demetzia.[1]


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