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Demetrio is the Chief of the Inquisitorial Council in the Nemedian city of Numalia. Inquisitor Demetrio was the lead investigator in the murder of Kallian Publico at the museum known as Kallian Publico's Temple. He was more diplomatic in his dealings with Conan as a suspect than his brutal underlings were. Not only did Demetrio have enough sense to avoid provoking Conan's wrath as much as possible, but he also had doubts about his guilt in the murder, despite knowing that Conan was there to steal something.[1]

After lengthy questioning, and after being sold out by his employer Aztrias Petanius (who hired him to steal a Zamorian diamond goblet), Conan finally had enough. He attacked the police and severely wounded Demetrio in the leg with his sword. When the clerk Promero was killed by a giant man-headed serpent that had been released from a sarcophagus (the same creature that killed Kallian), the police fled the museum in terror along with Demetrio.[1]


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