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Darfar is a country of the Hyborian Age.


Darfar lies on the South of Stygia and on the East of Kush. Dragons and elephants dwell in the Darfarian Wilderness. The citadel of Sukhmet is on the border between Stygia and Darfar.

History and politics[]

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Population and culture[]

Darfarians sharpen their teeth, and are cannibals for religious reasons. Darfar is an area often suffering from slave trade. Darfarians are also recruited as mercenary soldiers by foreign kings.

Stories set in Darfar[]

Darfar is mentioned in:

Characters from Darfar[]

  • Baron Shato, ruler of Darfar (Conan the Adventurer).
  • Imbalayo, general of the Kushite mercenary soldiers serving King Akhirom of Phelishti.
  • Zula, Prince of the Zamballah tribe, friend of Conan.
  • Noutu Fah, Chief of the Leopard Men, warriors who transform into Leopards.

Cities set in Darfar[]

  • Tibu: a city in the south of Darfar.
  • Gazal: a city near the border between Stygia and Darfar.