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Damonides was a captain in the personal guard of King Yildiz of Turan in the city of Aghrapur. Damonides and two other guardsmen, Zandor and Khorsham, attempted to loot the king's treasure vault, but Conan had the same idea independently, and when he showed up he had spoiled their plans. The three soldiers pursued Conan into the Thieves' District, not knowing that he was the Master of the Thieves Guild. Conan killed Zandor and Khorsham, but he and Damonides agreed to raid the treasure vault together as partners.[1]

Damonides appointed Conan as a royal guard to make it easier to accomplish their goal. Damonides proved to be faithful to the partnership. When they eventually secured the treasure with help from several thieves of the guild and a few soldiers loyal to the captain, they loaded it onto a ship before making their escape across the Vilayet Sea. Conan, however, did not join them. He chose to remain in Aghrapur and honor his vow to protect Queen Yasmin, the wife of Yildiz, from the Red Mist cult of assassins.[1]


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