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Dalgar was a young Farsunian adventurer and the lover of Delcartes (not to be confused with Delcardes). He wanted to marry Delcartes, but her father Count Goron would not allow it despite the fact that Dalgar had become a Valusian citizen and was regarded favorably at court. Delcartes pleaded with King Kull to force her father to grant permission, but Kull refused to get involved since he and Goron were close friends. In her desperation, she sent a message to Dalgar asking him to meet her at night in the Accursed Gardens two miles east of the city so they could run away together.[1]

While she waited for Dalgar, Delcartes was captured by Verulian conspirators who had also captured Kull and were holding him prisoner in the Gardens. She was able to free the king, whereupon he engaged in battle with the conspirators and their gang of soldiers, including Gonda and the Valusian traitor Dondal. Dalgar arrived and fought alongside Kull against the Verulians, followed by Brule and his Pictish warriors, until the conspirators were defeated. Goron was so grateful to Dalgar for risking his life to protect Delcartes and the king that he gave him his blessing to marry his daughter.[1]

See also[]

  • Felgar, another Farsunian adventurer


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