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Dagon has several different meanings in the Conan universe. In the Conan comics, Dagon is a deity who presides over the Deep Ones, an amphibious humanoid race indigenous to Earth's oceans. The Great Old One "Father Dagon" is known by other names, such as Dagoth, and his consort, "Mother Hydra", is also known as Tiamat. He is worshiped in both Zamora and the Black Kingdoms. "Dagon" is also the name of a Mesopotamian god mentioned in H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos and short story of the same name.  

In the Robert E. Howard novella "The Devil in Iron", Dagonia is the ancient name of an island where Kosatral Khel reawakens and the ruined city of Dagon is reconstructed, falling into ruin again after his death.   

"In his wanderings he came upon a primitive people inhabiting the island of Dagonia, and it pleased him to give this race culture and civilization, and by his aid they built the city of Dagon and they abode there and worshipped him." The Devil in Iron, Chapter V.


Conan the Destroyer[]

Dagoth (or Dagon) is known as the "Dreaming God". It's said he is so powerful that, if awakened, his evil could potentially destroy the entire world. Dagoth is worshipped in both the Black Kingdoms and Zamora, including the people of Shadizar, particularly Queen Taramis.

According to the Zamorians, Dagoth participated in a large battle with other gods, during which his source of power, a jeweled horn, was broken off. He then fell to Earth in a weakened state, and his body was turned into a stone statue.

The ancient Scrolls of Skelos mention how replacing the horn on the statue's forehead, along with the sacrifice of a virgin girl, would bring about the hour of the god's rebirth.

Taramis, Queen of Shadizar, planned a resurrection through a bargain with Conan, intending her niece, Princess Jehnna, as both the consecrated courier of the horn and virgin sacrifice.