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Considered one of the great western powers, thanks to its considerable trade influence and affluence, Corinthia shares a border with Nemedia and Brythunia in the north, Zamora in the east, and Koth and Ophir in the south and west. Warfare and tension keep the borders of Corinthia shifting. Only the well-paid mercenary armies operating out of the three major city-states keep more aggressive invaders at bay.

The city-states of Corinthia seldom agree on anything save the defense of their territory and the pursuit of commerce, legal and otherwise, as a bargaining chip with their larger neighbors. Stregos, in the east, is close to the Zamorian border. Magyar is centrally located and boasts the largest economy and army. Krotoa lies in the south, near the mountains that divide Ophir and Koth, and is the smallest of the three city-states. Trade is vigorous between the three kingdoms, and political machinations run rampant.


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History and politics[]

Corinthia has the misfortune to be positioned between no less than five strong, ambitious kingdoms. Often in the path of encroaching armies, Corinthia has been sacked and rebuilt several times. Each time it was rebuilt, it became the haven for the political refugees and outcasts removed from their homelands by war.

These exiles came together with the Hyborians to establish trading centers, which became towns. These eventually grew into semi-autonomous city-states, each with a distinct tone and outlook. These city-states are vital to trade between the various countries and, with coins flowing into the region, Corinthia employs vast armies of mercenaries to safeguard their holdings. Corinthia has strong ties to Nemedia and Ophir, neutral relations with Zamora and Brythunia, and a tenuous peace treaty with Koth that both nations expect the other to break at any moment.

As both a contested area and adopted culture, Corinthia’s identity is somewhat confusing. Corinthians are short and broad-shouldered, with a pale complexion and dark to medium brown hair. Some blonde-haired and blue-eyed Corinthians betray their Hyborian lineage, but they are infrequent.

Corinthia paid tribute to Aquilonia and was forced to lend aid to wars.

When the Hyrkanians invaded the west, eastern Corinthia was devastated by riders from Turan.

Later, while Aquilonia was being assaulted by the Picts, Corinthia followed the example of Zingara and found the opportunity to throw off the yoke. Mercenaries and vassals mutinied before returning to their countries.

After the fall of Aquilonia to the Picts, Corinthia was devastated again by a second invading wave of Hyrkanians who came from the north, and became part of their empire.[1]

Population and culture[]

The Maze district is a tangle of muddy, winding alleys and sordid dens, frequented by the bolder thieves in the kingdom. It is indeed a maze of black alleys , enclosed courts, devious ways, and shadowed plazas; of furtive sounds and stenches. There is no paving on the streets; mud and filth mingle in an unsavory mess. Sewers are unknown; refuse is dumped into the alleys to form reeking heaps and puddles. Unless a man walks with care, he's likely to lose his footing and plunge waist-deep into nauseous pools. Nor is it uncommon to stumble over a corpse. A death cry on darkened stairs is nothing unusual.

Aristocracy occupies purple-towered marble and ivory palaces. There is a curtained door into a well-lighted broad circular chamber, banded by a gallery halfway between the polished floor and the lofty ceiling. There is an ornate mahogany table, loaded with vessels of wine and rich viands. There are broad mirrors on the walls, with velvet hangings between. There are silken couches, alongside chairs of ebony and ivory.

Swaggering Corinthian mercenaries swill and wench all night or fight all day.

Major Cities of Corinthia[]

The city-states of Corinthia are large, cosmopolitan cities with complicated politics borrowed from Nemedian scholars, religious fervor gleaned from Zamorian heretics, large markets full of travelers from all of the known kingdoms, and a constant state of civil unrest. For many, Corinthia is a place to reinvent oneself and shake off the past, or forge a new future. All of the city-states have established black markets fed by the appetites of the neighboring countries and aided by the Road of Kings, which cuts across the heart of Corinthia. Because of this brisk economy, the roads in Corinthia are well kept, out of necessity. Smaller, less manageable byways lead to the villages and farms that in turn lead to green valleys with ample vegetation. Some areas of Corinthia are dense forest, and there are places close to the southern mountains where the sunlight never strays. Most travelers avoid these areas, though there are persistent tales of merchants encountering half-man horrors along these lonely trails.

A number of small villages and farms surround the city-states for several miles in all directions and fall under each city’s protection, thus earning the allegiance of those nearby. This is useful whenever a fighting force is conscripted or supplies run low. All commerce flows to the city-states like the inexorable current of a river.


Sample Names[]


Adelmo, Ambrosius, Ambrus, Anatar Lillus, Borus Gergo, Casca, Drusus, Gaius, Gorgar Sotir, Hegerus, Horvath, Kordes, Latka Petir, Lucan, Makar, Mallus, Milonas, Orban, Petrus, Servius, Titus, Vasmus, Zalvatos


Atia, Camilla, Cirsten, Cordelia, Divina, Evelina, Idania, Idola, Indara, Jarmila, Kotas Athan, Luciana, Martina, Narcissa, Rea, Sabina, Saffeera Nanos, Sica, Tiberia, Valetis, Vass Petra, Veres Farago, Vinicia, Xandra, Yalena, Zofia

Stories set in Corinthia[]

Characters from Corinthia[]

  • Nabonidus the Red Priest
  • Joka — his tall, silent servant
  • Murilo — young corrupt aristocrat
  • Athicus — prison guard bribed to release Conan
  • Thak — ape-like quasi-human raised by Nabonidus
  • Muriela — a dancing girl/actress enslaved and used in intrigues of Keshan
  • Ivanos — a pirate



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