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Corin is Greshan's husband, the father of Conan and Siobahn and the renowned blacksmith of his village in Cimmeria.


Robert E. Howard never wrote a story detailing Conan's origins, we can only piece it together through reading his work. The only line about his father is as follows:

“I am a barbarian and the son of a blacksmith.” – The Hour of the Dragon

There is more to be said about Conan's early life though, which is revealed in a letter Howard wrote to a fan named P.S. Miller who was curious about the Cimmerian's origins. The relevant excerpt is as follows:

He was born on a battle field, during a fight between his tribe and a horde of raiding Vanir. The country claimed by and roved over by his clan lay in the northwest of Cimmerian, but Conan was of mixed blood, although a pure-bred Cimmerian. His grandfather was a member of a southern tribe who had fled from his own people because of a blood-feud and after long wanderings, eventually taken refuge with the people of the north. He had taken part in many raids into the Hyborian nations in his youth, before his flight, and perhaps it was the tales he told of those softer countries which roused in Conan, as a child, a desire to see them. There are many things concerning Conan's life of which I am not certain myself. I do not know, for instance, when he got his first sight of civilized people. It might have been at Vanarium, or he might have made a peaceable visit to some frontier town before that.

So we only know Conan's father was a blacksmith, and one of his grandfathers was a foreigner to the tribe, though still Cimmerian. On his mother nothing else is written.

Other versions[]

In Conan the Adventurer (animated series) Conan's father is named Manir instead.