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Conan the Savage #2
Conan The Savage -2
Date: September, 1995
Cover: Doug Beekman
Writer: Various
Penciller: Various
Inker: Various
Letterer: Various
Editor: Carl Potts
Title: "Jobber"
"Stalker of the Snows"


Stalker of the Snows[]


Writer: Roy Thomas
Penciller: Mike Doherty
Inker: Rudy Nebres
Letterer: B. Deville

Major Characters[]

Minor Characters[]


  • The Black Coast
    • The Silver Isles

Time Frame[]

  • Several weeks


A Stygian ship is raided by the Black Corsairs on a foggy night, The pirates quickly move across the ship, and Conan sees the captain flee into his cabin. Conan chases and kills the man before he can execute a woman locked in his cabin. Conan assumes there is a treasure in the cabin, and Belit attempts to force the location from the pale white woman, who clearly does not understand the Stygian Belit speaks. Although the crewmen cower from a woman whose skin is even supernaturally paler than their captain, Conan convinces Belit not to throw the woman overboard until they find out where her expensive jewels come from. Belit agrees to take her to their base on the Silver Isles, but when they arrived they are swiftly attacked by the bird-riding islanders who declare that Belit is no longer their Queen. Their new ruler, Ghomli, reveals himself, and Conan immediately attacks, but in the midst of battle Conan suddenly weakens and Ghomli deals some swift blows, seemingly killing the barbarian. A shocked N'Yaga inspects the body and declares Conan dead! Belit rushes Ghomli but is knocked aside as Ghomli's witch-man, Musa, confirms N'Yaga's declaration. With Ghomli firmly in control, he takes Belit and the pale girl back to his village and leaves the others to bury Conan.



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