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Conan the Marauder is a Conan novel by John Maddox Roberts.


In the fabled lands far beyond the Vilayet Sea, Conan of Cimmeria faces his most deadly challenge. The warlord Bartatua plans to unite the Hyrkanian tribes and sweep across the word in conquest, while the Turanian wizard Khondemir plots to use Bartatua's ambition to further his sorcerous schemes. Ishkala, haughty princess of Sogaria, and Kakhme, seductress and spy, weave their own intrigues as the power of gods is drawn to the City of Mounds, ancient necropolis of the Hyrkanians. Every hand is turned against Conan and he can only be Conan the Marauder.


The warlord, Bartatua, is uniting all the Hyrkanian tribes east of the Vilayet Sea into an army for world conquest, beginning with the resistant city of Sogaria. Meanwhile, an exiled Turanian wizard, Khondemir, plans on taking control over Bartatua's soldiers in pursuit of his own agenda. Caught in the middle are Princess Ishkala of Sogaria, a seductive spy named Lakhme, and the enslaved Conan, who must prove his loyalty towards Bartatua to escape his fate. Everything comes to a thrilling climax near an ancient Hyrkanian necropolis known as the City of Mounds.


  • Conan
  • Bartatua
  • Khondemir
  • Ishkala
  • Lakhme


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