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Conan the Indomitable is a Conan novel by Steve Perry.


Conan and his companion, Elashi, find themselves pursued by pirates under the leadership of a hermaphroditic amalgamation of two lovers, who believe Conan's sword can separate the couple back into their original state. The two men soon discover a subterranean world, where a beautiful sorceress named Chuntha and Katamay Rey, an evil necromancer, struggle for control over various intelligent creatures. The bizarre cave-dwellers include blind white apes, vampire bats, web-spinning plants, one-eyed monsters, burrowing lizards, mole-like beasts, and giant earthworms. The local balance of power is threatened by Conan's arrival and various complications ensue, including a revolt by the enslaved creatures, before Conan can win his way back to the surface. One of the worms and a cyclops are featured sympathetically in a subplot.

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  • Conan
  • Elashi
  • Lalo
  • Tull
  • Katamay Rey
  • Chuntha
  • Wikkell
  • Deek
  • The Harskeel
  • Red


  • Grotterium Negrotus
  • The Sunless Sea

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