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Conan the Guardian is a Conan novel by Roland J. Green.


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In ancient Argos, fabled city by the sea, Conan of Cimmeria discovers that behind a facade of law, the intrigues of trading houses can be no less deadly then the wars he has left behind. Even a merchant prince can dabble with sorcery, and the schemes of even the most beautiful nobles can lay snares for unwary feet. But those who think to use the Cimmerian, to brush him aside and grasp what he has sworn to protect, will discover that they face no ordinary man.

He is... Conan the Guardian.


Conan and other former mercenaries take employment as bodyguards for Lady Livia, head of one of the ruling merchant houses of Argos. Livia is threatened by a rival seeking to gain personal control of all Argos, who is secretly backed by a sorcerer.


  • Conan
  • Lady Livia - Heiress of the House of Damaos in Argos.
  • Reza - Chief Steward to the House of Damaos and a father-like figure to Lady Livia.
  • Lady Doris - Heiress of the House of Lokhri in Argos.
  • Lord Harphos - Son to Lady Doris and would be suitor to Lady Livia.
  • Akimos of Peram- A merchant prince of Argos.
  • Skiron - Sorcerer of Akimos
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  • The vast majority of this book takes place in Argos.

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