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Conan the Champion is a Conan novel by John Maddox Roberts.


Stranded in the furthest northern reaches of Brythunia, Conan the Cimmerian pledges himself as the champion of the haughty, beautiful Queen Alcunia. Soon the mighty barbarian is enmeshed in a war with two kings, who want Alcunia's lands, and the evil wizard Iilma, who plots to rule the entire northland and has his own foul designs on the queen's body. From the blood-drenched snows of the Brythunian forests to the sorcerous Shifting Lands the battles rage. The dead rise to slay, and victory can only come from... Conan the Champion.


Shipwrecked on the northern shore of the Vilayet Sea, Conan finds himself stranded for the winter in the midst of two rival kingdoms. Joining the force of one of the factions, he becomes a champion of Queen Alcuina in her opposition against the competing rulership of Odoac and Totila. As a wild card in their local struggle, all parties seek to use him to tip the balance in their own favor. Stranded in a mysterious otherworld, Conan and Alcuina must find a way to escape before everything can be resolved.


  • Conan
  • Alcunia (Queen of the Cambres)
  • Odoac (King of Thungians)
  • Totila (King of Tormanna)
  • Ilma (Wizard of Tormanna)
  • Rerin (Wizard of Cambres)
  • Leovigild (Odoac's Nephew & last living heir)

Minor Characters[]

  • Dawaz - Shop proprietor on the Northern Vilayet.
  • Hagbard - Soldier
  • Oswin - Soldier
  • Regin - Soldier
  • Hasta - Demon Elf Wizard
  • Sarissa - Hasta's sister
  • Hugin - A Niblung or dwarf
  • Aalia - Woodland Witch / Nymph
  • The Hunter
  • Lord of the Demon Land
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  • Shifting Lands
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