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Conan the Barbarian #37
Ctb 037
Date: April, 1974
Cover: Neal Adams
Writer: Roy Thomas
Penciller: Neal Adams
Inker: Neal Adams
Colorist: Glynis Wein
Letterer: John Costanza
Editor: Roy Thomas
Title: "The Curse of the Golden Skull!"

Major Characters[]

Minor Characters[]

  • Several Turanian soldiers (First and only appearance for all). All die in this issue.
  • Juma (First appearance; next appearance ??). Kushite soldier for hire.
  • Yolinda (First appearance; next appearance ??). Princess; daughter of Yezdigerd.
  • Rotath (First and only appearance; dies in this issue). Ancient Atlantian sorcerer made of gold.


  • The hills north of Aghrapur

Time Frame[]

  • A week.


Thousands of years ago, after his defeat by Kull, the wizard Rotath dies within an ancient temple, but not before he casts a final spell. More recently, an explorer discovers the temple, and, rather foolishly, touches the golden skeletal remains of Rotath. In modern times, Conan, riding with a company of soldiers on a mission to clear out some hill tribes, grows suspicious of the recent brazenness and updated weapons and armor of the tribesmen. He is also suspicious of an unguarded pass, which is soon revealed to be a trap. The only survivors are Conan, the Kushite Juma the Black, and their charge, Princess Yolinda. The two are marched through the hills to a hidden city, where a powerful fountain carries a hollowed sphere to the top of a tower. Inside, the newly resurrected, gold-plated Rotath reveals that he plans to marry Yolinda and produce an heir. Conan breaks free and defeats Rotath's ape guard, but is brought low by Rotath's magic and tranquilizer darts. Conan and Juma are brought to the mines, where they notice that fully half the gold mined doesn't go to pay for new weapons and equipment, but is instead taken deeper into the caverns. Escaping their guards, they follow the gold, and are attacked by a gigantic lizard, who is in turn digested by an even larger slug-like creature. Conan grabs some bags of gold and runs, but the slug follow him and Conan realizes the creature feeds on gold and has zeroed in on the bags he carries. Conan flees the mine and hurls the bags toward the golden Rotath, as the slug absorbs the wizard and shambles away. Conan, Juma, and Yolinda ride away together.



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