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Conan the Barbarian #2
Ctb 002
Date: December, 1970
Cover: Barry Smith
Writer: Roy Thomas
Penciller: Barry Smith
Inker: Sal Buscema
Colorist: {{{colorist}}}
Letterer: Sam Rosen
Editor: Stan Lee
Title: "Lair of the Beastmen"

Major Characters[]

Minor Characters[]

  • Kiord (First appearance; dies in this issue). Human head of slaves.
  • Har-Lann, Gan-Torr, Gha-Kree, Zha-Gor (First appearance for all; all presumably die in this issue). Beast men.
  • Moria : (First appearance; presuambly dies in this issue). Human turncoat.


  • Aesgaard and the underground city Brutheim. Summer.

Time Frame[]

  • A couple of days.


Conan, traveling south through Aesgaard, is attacked and eventually captured by ape-men and taken to their underground city as a slave. Conan's struggles against slavery lead to him being placed in a gladitorial arena. Before the fight he is visited by Kiord, the frightened head of the slaves, and given a dagger. Conan used the dagger in a fight with a lion and, upon seeing the weapon, the beast men attack him. Conan's valiant struggles cause the human slaves to revolt and destroy the beast men and their city, although Kiord dies in the struggle, a free man.


  • The first page of this issue had to be redrawn as Martin Goodman of Marvel Comics decided the beast men needed to be seen at the start of the story. The creature replaced a bear that had originally been placed there.
  • The beast Har-Lann is named after author Harlan Ellison.

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