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Conan the Barbarian #17
Ctb 017
Date: August, 1972
Cover: Gil Kane
Frank Bruner
Writer: Roy Thomas
Penciller: Gil Kane
Inker: Ralph Reese
Letterer: John Costanza
Editor: Stan Lee
Title: "The Gods of Bal-Saggoth"

Major Characters[]

Minor Characters[]

  • Fafnir (Previous appearance CB-6; next appearance CB-18). Revealed to be a Vanirman.
  • Kyrie (First appearance; next appearance CB-18). Queen of Bal-Saggoth
  • Gothan (First appearance; next appearance CB-18). High Priest of Bal-Saggoth.
  • Ska (First appearance; next appearance CB-18). Gothan's puppet king.


  • Bal-Saggoth, a hidden land in the Turanian inland sea Vilayet.

Time Frame[]

  • A day.


Conan, working on a Turanian galley, is attacked by a pirate crew led by he pirate Fafnir, whom he met, briefly, in Shadizar many years ago. Conan's crew is defeated and killed but Coan is pressed into service of the pirates. Before anything can happen, however, the ship is scuttled on a hidden reef in mysetrious white mists, and only Conan and Fafnir make it to shore. They fight for a minute, then realize they are too evenly matched and have no real reason to fight anyway. Togetgher, they resuce a girl from a dinosaur-like monster. The girl, Kyrie, reveals that the two are on the ancient island Bal-Saggoth, and that she also was shipwrecked on the island but, as she had scarlet hair like the sea-goddess Aala, was taken as an object of worship. The high priest Gothan, however, took over and killed those loyal to Kyrie, and dumped the girl on the lagoon to be killed. Fafnir and Conan, desperate for good, agree to help Kyrie get her kingdom back, fulfilling an ancoent prophecy. The three reach the imposing castle and march right in, relying on the power of the prophecy of two men from the sea who will destroy the reptile guardian. Gothan's puppet king, Ska, has his champion, Vertorix, challenge Conan, but after a brief battle, the onlookers discover that Vertorix is an empty suit of armor that fights like a man! Kyrie realizes that Gothan controls the armor, and using her mirrored headdress, reflects the sun into Gothan's eyes, causing him to lose concentration. The armor crumbles to the ground and Gothan and Ska flee, leaving Kyrie, Fafnir, and Conan in charge.


  • Based on the Robert E. Howard story "The Gods of Bal-Sagoth."


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