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Conan the Barbarian #166
Conan the Barbarian Vol 1 166
Date: Jan, 1985
Cover: John Buscema
Writer: Michael Fleisher
Penciller: John Buscema
Inker: Geof Isherwood
Colorist: George Roussos
Letterer: Joe Rosen
Editor: Larry Hama
Title: "Blood of the Titan"

Major Characters[]

  • Conan (Previous appearance in CB-165; next appearance in CB-167).

Minor Characters[]

  • Fafnir (Previous appearance in CB-165; next appearance in CB-167).
  • Giselle (First and only appearance to date)
  • Baron Alain Mort-Pointard (First and only appearance to date)
  • Gargantix (First and only appearance to date; dies in this issue). Giant.


  • Nemedian town

Time Frame[]

  • One day


Fafnir gets involved in protecting a woman, Giselle, being harassed by soldiers, and gets incensed when Conan arrives to help him out. Fafnir stubbornly stays behind as Conan escorts Giselle to her uncle's cottage in the countryside. The girl explains she was taken by Baron Alain Mort-Pointard and given to his enforcer and champion, the hulking Gargantax, but she fled his affections and the giant now sulks, severely endangering the Baron's ability to rule. When they reach her uncle's cabin, they are ambushed by the baron's men who take them both prisoner. Back in the town, two men approach a sulking Fafnir and convince him to challenge Gargantax to a duel for the right to rule, and Fafnir, eager to prove his prowess, agrees, not knowing it was a ruse by the baron to find someone foolish enough to fight the giant and quiet the rumblings in the town. Now that he has Giselle back and something to prove, the Baron knows that Gargantix will be even more savage than usual. Gargantax tries to convince Giselle he loves her but she is non responsive. A bound Conan is given a last drink and feigns drunkenness in order to get a shard of pottery into his hands. He is led to his execution as Fafnir, realizing he's badly outmatched, faces Gargantix for the first time. Conan finally breaks free of his bonds as the archers shoot their arrows, and he attacks and slays his executioners. He runs into the arena and stops Gargantix from beating Fafnir, taunting the giant to attack him instead. Unfortunately, Gargantix is more than a match for Conan and just before the death blow is struck, Gisells breaks from the crowd to declare her love for Gargantix. The giant stops and while distracted, Conan plunges his sword into his chest, killing Gargantix as he realizes Giselle lied to him, and leaving Fafnir furious that Conan interrupted his fight.


  • The scene on the cover is not represented in the issue.


  • The Chronicles of Conan 21 - Blood of the Titan and Other Stories
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