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Conan the Barbarian is a Conan novel by L. Sprague de Camp and Lin Carter, adapting the 1982 movie of the same title.  Although not credited in the book, Catherine Crooke DeCamp, Lion Sprague's wife, wrote the 3rd and final version of the novel.  She has been credited by both L. Sprague and Robert Jordan for her collaboration.  Jordan even goes so far as to completely remove any credit for Lin Carter in his "A Conan Chronology" that appeared in several TOR novels after Jordan took over as Chief Editor of the Conan series from L. Sprague de Camp in 1985.


Conan follows Nial up into the mountains during a thunderstorm. Here Conan learns the story of how man learned about steel. Nial makes a fine sword, as Conan watches his father work. One night, a raiding band of Vanir raid Conan's village. They carry a standard with two heads of a snake facing over a blackened sun. Everyone is either captured or killed until it's just Conan and his mother, Maeve.

Conan first sees Thulsa Doom and Rexor, his general. Thulsa Doom now has Nial's sword and beheads Maeve with it. Conan goes to attack Doom but is tied up. As his village is burning, Conan and many other prisoners of the Vanir begin to March north. Those that survive the perilous journey reach Vanaheim. Here they become prisoners as they are tied to a very large grinding stone. Daily the prisoners are forced to push the wheel and as time moves on many die from the conditions until Conan is the last one.

Conan, a young man now, is bought by Toghrul, a Hyrkanian Pit Fighter Master. Conan is taken all over the north of Hyboria to fight. He becomes quite successful and learns many new fighting styles. One night, while resting in Hyperborea, a great earthquake happens. Conan is able to free himself and escape off into the wilderness.

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  • Conan
  • Nial - Blacksmith and Father of Conan. Killed by wardogs of the Vanir.
  • Maeve - Mother of Conan.
  • Thulsa Doom
  • Rexor
  • Toghrul- Hyrkanian slave owner who purchases Conan to fight in the Pits. Dies after being swallowed up in an earthquake.
  • Uldin-Hyrkanian weaponmaster who trains Conan in many different styles.
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  • Cimmeria - Home of Conan. Small, unnamed village where Conan spends his childhood.
  • Vanaheim-Conan is cuffed to a large grinding mill, where he works as a slave for several years.
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