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Conan the Adventurer #3
Cta 03
Date: August, 1994
Cover: Rafael Kayanan
Writer: Roy Thomas
Penciller: Rafael Kayanan
Inker: Rafael Kayanan
Colorist: Lovern Kindzierski
Letterer: John Costanza
Editor: Richard Ashford
Title: "Blood Days in Brythunia"

Major Characters[]

  • Conan (Last chronological appearance CB-3; next appearance CA-4.

Minor Characters[]

  • Burlos (First appearance; next appearance CA-4). Soldier.
  • Andamo (First appearance. Previous chronological appearance in backup story of CA-12; next appearance CA-4). A Zinagaran.
  • Moru (First appearance. Previous chronological appearance in backup story of CA-12; next chronological appearance CA-4). A Pict.
  • Urgo (First appearance. Most likely dies in this issue). Soldier.
  • Moina (First appearance; next appearance CA-4). Barmaid.
  • Lord Ludox (First appearance.; next appearance CA-4).
  • Sutekh (First appearance.; next appearance CA-4). Wizard.


  • Charnina, city-state of Brythunia.

Time Frame[]

  • A day.


Conan's wanderings take him to Charnina and he catches his first glimpse of a city. True to form, he immediately gets in a brawl. He escapes to the rooftops as two opposing factions in the city carry on the fight. Conan then watches a fancily dressed rapier wielding Zingaran fight a spear wielding Pict in another corner of the city and decides to back up the outclassed Zingaran. Their battle ends with no victor as the soldiers chasing Conan catch up to him. Conan is saved by the Zingaran, Andamo, who explains that after the deaths of the kings of Hyperborea and Brythunia, a power struggle took place between Lords Pollus and Ludox, with most men choosing sides, causing endless street brawls. The two go to a local tavern where a truce is strictly enforced to talk, but the tavern is invaded by a hulking golem with the sign of Ludox carved into its forehead. The creature begins slaughtering all those who wear the sign of Pollus. Conan takes a cloak with Pollus's symbol on it out the door and the creature ceases to move. The Pict, Moru, watches with interest then goes to meet with Lord Ludox, who introduces him to his new wizard, Sutekh. Unforunately, now Conan is pissed off...


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