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Tower Elephant RPG

Cover: Alejandro Villen
Mongoose Games, 2005

Tower of the Elephant is an adventure module for Conan the Roleplaying Game published by Mongoose Publishing in 2005.


  • Introduction: Welcome to the City of Arenjun
  • Abroad in the Maul
    Players wander the Maul seeking information on the Elephant Tower and the Heart of the Elephant until they stumble upon a Stygian caravan. They discover the caravan is carrying a shipment of deadly lotus poison as well as a large beast of some sort. When the players arrive that night to steal the poison, they find a thief, Vanku, there first, and he is battling the caravan's beastly protector - a giant serpent. They assist the thief, who proposes they join forces to steal the Heart of the Elephant. First, however, they must obtain disguises, so the group attempts to steal some royal guard uniforms.
  • Peril in Paradise
    The players find the temple, and must work their way through the outer and innter gardens, guarded by guards, lions, and entangling vines, until they reach the tower itself. They must find a way inside, either through the lion's den entrance, chimney, or from the roof. Vanku, if he accompanies the players, may help out in these situations with lotus powder and rope.
  • The Elephant Tower


  • City of Arenjun
  • The Tower's Gardens
  • The Elephant Tower


  • Author: Greg Lynch with Wilson Phillips
  • Interior Art: Alejandro Villen