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This site uses the same MediaWiki software as is used on Wikipedia. If you have used that, you can start right in and improve articles or start or join discussions. If not sure, see the editing tutorial.

If you are logged in, please put something about yourself on your User page. It is also good for collecting your favourite links and a list of the best articles you have helped with.

Most pages have a related "discussion" page. One good use of those is for fans to exchange ideas and opinions. Contributions to those pages should be signed and dated, so that readers know "who to reply to". If logged in, signing needs just four tildes ("~") or a click on the signature button if you have one above the edit box.

This wiki can have articles on any Conan-related story, book, comic, film, character, location, creature, collectable, etc., - anything and everything, in fact, however trivial - in greater detail than those on Wikipedia. A bonus of a Conan-specific site is that we can have articles using the actual name without having to qualify it, for instance having an article Cimmeria instead of Wikipedia's Cimmeria (Conan).

If you want to start an article, but have only the time or knowledge to write an introductory sentence or two, please add this template at the top:


If Wikipedia has an article of that name, you might want to begin by copying that: how to do that (with the correct acknowledgment) is at Help:Copying from Wikipedia.

Suggested article structures[edit source]

Story[edit source]

  • (preamble)
  • Synopsis
  • Characters
  • Locations
  • Publishing history
    • See: Help:Bibliographic conventions
    • Some articles say "Publication history" - this is a petty inconsistency, but we should standardise on "Publishing history"
  • Adaptations (movies, comics, RPGs, etc.)
  • References (preferred)
    • use the Template:Bibliographies for the standard Conan/REH bibliographies; just add {{bibliographies}} after the heading
  • See also (optional)
  • External links (optional)

Movie[edit source]

  • (preamble)
  • Synopsis
    • Relationship to Robert E. Howard's stories
    • Criticism (optional)
    • Adaptations (novelization, comics, etc.)
  • Characters and cast
  • Locations (in Hyboria, not filming locations!)
  • Music
  • Production notes (optional)
  • Quotes and trivia (optional)
    • Quotes
    • Trivia
  • References (preferred)
  • See also (optional)
  • External links (optional)

Character[edit source]

  • (preamble)
  • Biographical sketch
  • Physical appearance
  • Traits and skills
  • Stories featuring {{PAGENAME}}
  • References (preferred)
  • See also (optional)
  • External links (optional)
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