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Conan the Buccaneer is a scenario for TSR's Conan Role-Playing Game, by Kim Eastland and Anne C. Grey.


Many Argosseans have been forced out to sea by burdonsome taxes and penalties imposed by the king and his court. Most flee to Messantia where a person can lose himself in the streets. Some sign on to merchant vessels. And some become free-booters and buccaneers who sail the western seas.

Of those who feed off other's labours, one group is of importance. Although backed by foreigners, the captain and crew are mainly Argossean. Their expedition will take them far past the Isle of the Black Ones, past the domain of the pirates of the Barachan Islands, in search of a lost island kingdom and the untold wealth it contains.

Their fame, however, lies not only in what they accomplish, but in one of their crew - a young barbarian.

His name is Conan.

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