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The Black Shadow was a malevolent deity of the Thurian Age, also known as the Unnamable One. He was one of the "dark elder gods" who demanded human sacrifice on his black altar in the Temple of Everlasting Darkness. His center of worship was an unnamed city in the mountains of Valusia (probably the Zalgara Mountains, though this is never stated). Guron was the high priest of the Black Shadow and ruler of the city during the reign of King Kull. Guron was killed by a scorpion that was apparently sent by the Great Scorpion himself. Soon afterward, Kull arrived in the city and defeated Guron's armed priests, delivering the city from their evil hands and crushing the power of the Black Shadow.[1]

The pantheon of dark gods that included the Black Shadow "came from forgotten worlds and lost realms of blackness". They had their birth on frozen stars and black suns brooding beyond the light of any stars.[1]


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