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The Black Ones are creatures who live on an island and have a pool capable of transforming humans into figures. The Black Ones have an instrument, similar to a pan flute, which mysteriously produces no sound. When some of the Black Ones play this flute, it causes the victim's muscles to contract with an effect that makes it look like one is dancing. At the end of this painful dance, the Black Ones grab their victim and proceed to toss them into the Black Pool. After the victim is removed from this eldritch body of water, they will be shrunken and ossified.

Physical appearance[]

The Black Ones are tall, black, humanoid creatures. They are taller than even Conan himself. They have somewhat devilish appearances, as their eyes seem utterly blank though still showing malice towards others, and their pointed ears cause their features to look even less human.

Stories featuring The Black Ones[]