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The Atlanteans are inhabitants of Atlantis. Atlantis existed back during the Thurian Age. This was before the continent sunk due to the Cataclysm.

The Atlanteans went to war with the Picts, as they were arch-enemies. Although the Atlanteans were advanced technologically, they inevitably lost the war to the Picts. These Atlanteans devolved into apes. Eventually, progressing into the Hyborian Age, some of the apes evolved back into humans and are now known as Cimmerians.

Originally, Atlantis was a land of barbarians, one of whom, Kull, left and acquired the throne of the nearby kingdom of Valusia. The Atlanteans were warriors and hunters, divided into various autonomous tribes. They were often at conflict with the seven "civilized" kingdoms of the Pre-Cataclysmic Era (Valusia, Grondar, Commoria, Thule, Verulla, Kamelia, and the Triple Federation), with the islanders of the Pictish Isles, and the pirates of Lemuria.

Atlantean alchemists created the Serpent Crown, a vessel empowered by the Demon God Set. The Serpent Crown is one of the few artifacts of ancient Atlantis that survived until modern times. Few historical personages of the Atlantean Age are known to date. One of the few is Kull, the barbarian-king who ruled Atlantis about 500 years before it sank. Kull became renowned as the slayer of the arch-wizard Thulsa Doom, and was an enemy of the Serpent Men, non-human but humanoid offspring of Set.