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Atlantean Sword

Atlantean Swords used in Conan the Barbarian (bottom) and Conan the Destroyer (top)

The Atlantean Sword is a bastard sword utilized by Conan in the films Conan the Barbarian and Conan the Destroyer.


The Atlantean Sword is a bastard sword that once belonged to an ancient king who, along with this sword and several servants, was buried in a small tomb.

Conan stumbles upon the tomb while he is being chased by a pack of wolves and inside he finds the sword, which he uses to remove his shackles and slay the wolves.


The Atlantean Sword's blade was 27" long, and including the handle reached 36.5 inches in length. The handle extends about 6.5 inches up along the blade above the guard, which is a very unusual design for a sword. The idea was to make a sword so that someone could reach forward and hold the blade above the guard. In any case, the design gives a unique and very interesting look to the sword and makes one wonder whether it really was designed by the inhabitants of ancient Atlantis. The sword also has runic hieroglyphs carved along its blade, but according to Jody Samson, master sword maker for Conan the Barbarian, they are meaningless markings in a made up script.

The Destroyer version is two inches longer than the original Barbarian sword — an inch longer in the grip and an inch longer in the cutting edge of the blade. Other differences include a slightly wider ricasso, more "hooked" langets, and leather lace wrapped around the hilt.

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