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Atali is the beautiful and otherworldly daughter of Ymir, the Frost Giant, and the sister of the frost giants (or ice giants). She will often appear to dying warriors on the battlefields of Nordheim. With her unearthly beauty, she will lure them away to chase her across the frozen wastelands until they are slain beneath the axes of the frost giants.[1]


Atali is described as being beautiful as a frozen flame of Hell. She has pale skin like ivory, and her slender body is as perfect as the dream of a god. Her only garment is a light veil of gossamer that does nothing to conceal her features. She has bright reddish-blonde hair that shines in the sun like elfin gold, blending the traits of her Æsir and Vanir heritage. She has eyes of shifting colors and dancing lights. Her voice is more musical than a silver-stringed harp and edged with cruelty, while her laughter is sweeter than the rippling of silver fountains and poisonous with mockery. Atali seems to dance lightly across the snow rather than run, her naked feet barely leaving an imprint.[1]


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