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Ascalante was a Valusian outlaw who led a failed conspiracy to overthrow Kull. He is described as tall, lean and dark, with a scar on his face that gave him a sinister countenance. His fellow conspirators included Kaanuub, Gromel, Ridondo, and Volmana.[1]

Ascalante was a former statesman until he was outlawed for unexplained reasons. He lived in the mountains as a bandit leader, raiding villages and caravans until the four conspirators (known as the Rebel Four) requested his help in the plot. He agreed to this but regarded them with contempt and used them for his own purposes. Baron Kaanuub was a member of the old ruling dynasty of Valusia and had a legitimate claim to the throne, but Ascalante intended to get rid of him and take the throne for himself if their plan had been successful.[1]

Ascalante was killed in the murder attempt along with the other conspirators except Kaanuub. The baron's extreme nervousness threatened the success of the plot so he was told to remain at home until the deed was done. Ascalante had corrupted an officer of the Red Slayers which allowed Ascalante to gain entry to Kull's bedchamber, along with the other conspirators and a gang of armed men summoned from the mountains. Kull, however, was not caught unprepared as they had hoped, resulting in a desperate, bloody battle.[1]

At the conclusion of the battle, Ascalante was the only man left alive among the attackers and was about to deliver the final death blow against Kull. It was then that the young swordsman Seno val Dor arrived after learning about the plot, and killed Ascalante with a thrown dagger to the throat. The officer of the night guard who had been corrupted by Ascalante escaped and was never found again.[1]

Ascalante was the name originally intended for the character by Robert E. Howard [1] but was changed by later editors to Ardyon.[2]


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