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For the Nemedian priest, see Arus.

Arus was a night watchman responsible for guarding the museum known as Kallian Publico's Temple in the Nemedian city of Numalia. When he found Conan inside the building along with the dead body of Kallian Publico, he suspected Conan of murdering him. Arus held Conan at the point of a crossbow while he summoned the police.[1]

Conan, who was there to steal but did not murder Kallian, attacked the police after being questioned. In the chaos, Arus had several of his teeth broken when Conan stomped him in the mouth. When the clerk Promero was killed by a giant man-headed serpent that had been released from a sarcophagus (the same creature that killed Kallian), the police fled the museum in terror along with Arus.[1]


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