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Argos is one of the coastal nations of the Hyborian Age. The nation of Argos is in present day Greece, Crete, and western Turkey.


The Rabirian Mountains form the western and northern borders of Argos.

The capital city of Messentia sits on the southern coast and at the mouth of the Khorotas River. The city lies at the western end of the Road of Kings.

History and politics[]

The people of Argos are the Argosians, who have intermixed extensively with the Zingarans. There are also strong Shemitish and Stygian strain among this race.

Some time before the events of "The City of Skulls", King Milo defeats King Ferdrugo of Zingara, who likely followed Thamos (whose hand Conan took). The novel Conan the Liberator takes place during Milo's reign.

Argos was annexed by Aquilonia and then became part of the Hyrkanian empire.

When the Picts started breaking into Zingara, thousands of Zingarans attempting to flee the slaughter came into Argos, where they were met with the westward-sweeping Hyrkanians. The Picts pursued them, nearly destroying all of Argos.

In the following cataclysm, Argos was washed by the later Mediterranean.[1]

Stories set in Argos[]


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